Far-Infrared Rays and Healing

Far-Infrared Rays and HealingTulikivi heaters have long been considered a very comfortable and healthy heating source for your home, but why?  One of the reasons is Tulikivi heaters once heated up warm the room with far-infrared light. It’s gentle light you cannot see, but it can be felt as heat.  The article below was written touting the benefits of far-infrared saunas, but the principles also apply in many ways to Tulikivi heaters. It was written by David Williams for the December 2008 issue of Alternatives Magazine.

Far-Infrared Rays and Healing

Far-infrared rays (FIRs) are the portion of the light spectrum that are invisible to the naked eye. Most of the FIRs on earth come from the sun. And although we can’t see these rays, we can certainly feel them on a daily basis in the form of heat. The human body not only receives FIRs, it radiates them as well.

Everything in the universe vibrates at its own frequency, which causes a transfer of energy from one substance to another. Like most living things, our bodies consist primarily of water and protein. We easily absorb energy from the FIRs coming from the sun because our vibration frequency is of the same wavelength. When these FIRs penetrate the skin into the deeper tissues, cellular vibration speeds up, creating internal heat. FIRs transform from light energy into heat, or thermal, energy.

A good example of this process is the difference you feel standing outside on a cool and cloudy day. Although the air temperature remains exactly the same, when the sun breaks through you instantly feel a deeper inner-warmth as these far-infrared light rays penetrate the skin and transform into thermal energy.

This phenomenon also explains why in the winter we feel perfectly comfortable wearing a sweater when the room temperature is at 70 degrees, and in the summer we feel comfortable in short sleeves with the same room temperature of 70 degrees. The reason: Although the temperature is the same, the walls and the ceiling radiate more FIR waves in the summer-waves that heat our bodies, from the inside out.

The thermal effects within the deeper layers of tissue cause the blood vessels and capillaries to dilate, promoting increased circulation and removing metabolic waste and toxins through sweating. Vibrating water molecules become more “active” as they are ionized into hydrogen and hydroxide ions that release gases and other toxic materials. Cell mitochondria also increase energy production, thereby raising the metabolic rate.

It’s easy to see just how beneficial far infrared waves are to our health and why life on earth is so dependent upon the sun. It doesn’t just warm the body, it activates many essential body functions as well.

In just the last decade, the Japanese have been on the forefront of developing a long list of far-infrared devices. They’ve been granted dozens of patents on FIR products that can be used in healing, cooking, drying, and heating. Hundreds of items are already on the market in Japan including everything from FIR ranges and ovens to FIR socks, hair dryers, and clinical treatment devices.

Based on what I’ve seen happening in Japan, I think in the next few years we’ll start to see more treatment programs and therapies employing far-infrared devices.

One of the most interesting and useful detoxification tools available is the far-infrared sauna, which interacts with the unique properties of our skin. It doesn’t require prescription medications, IVs, or any invasive procedures.

Back to the Future

Our ancestors instinctively knew about and used far-infrared therapy through the use of clay and sun bathing. Now, the benefits from clay haven’t changed in thousands of years and are slowly being “re-discovered,” and new technology allows us to enhance our exposure to FIRs with products like far-infrared saunas. They safely provide many of the same benefits as the sun without the risk of over-exposure.

We are constantly being bathed in far-infrared waves. They sustain life as we know it on earth. Using FIRs to improve your overall health is about as basic as it gets. Earlier I mentioned that we not only receive far-infrared rays, but we emit them as well. The palms of our hands emit far-infrared rays in the range of 8 to 14 microns. This is definitely one of the basic factors involved in “healing touch” and “hands-on” therapies like chiropractic, acupressure, and massage.

Some people seem to have more of this healing “touch” and you can feel them “giving” you energy when they’re around. Pets emit this energy and close associations with their owners has been shown to increase one’s longevity. (And then there are those who obviously drain your energy just by their presence.)

I’m also sure you’ve also seen the reports showing that married individuals who sleep together live longer lives. In addition to the supportive emotional factors, when you’re sleeping next to someone, each body acts as both a transmitter and a receiver of healing far-infrared waves.

These are just more good reasons to enjoy the company of loved ones, count your blessings, and enjoy the holiday season.


Article Source:  December 2008 issue Alternatives Magazine; written by David Williams
Image Source:  Pan Sure Medial Instruments.

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