What is a Masonry Heater?

A masonry heater allows you to heat your home with wood in a unique way. The main thing that distinguishes a masonry heater from other wood-fired heating appliances is the ability to store a large amount of heat. This means … Read More

Tulikivi and Radiant Heat Benefits

Tulikivi and radiant heat benefits: Long lasting heat – slowly releases stored heat 12-24 hours after the fire is out Store large amounts of heat – Soapstone thermal mass stores large amounts of heat. Safe to touch – Warm surfaces … Read More

Far-Infrared Rays and Healing

Tulikivi heaters have long been considered a very comfortable and healthy heating source for your home, but why?  One of the reasons is Tulikivi heaters once heated up warm the room with far-infrared light. It’s gentle light you cannot see, … Read More