Babina 110

BABINA Plus 110

If a smaller model is desired, but with the flames still easily visible, the Babina+ 110 is a very good choice.

Babina 5


The Babina Plus 5 stands at a height of 160 cm (63 in), giving it both a striking poise and good heat retention properties.

Babina 6


At 190 cm (74.8 in.), the Babina Plus 6 is tall and stylish, and has a powerful heat storage reservoir.

The Babina Plus models are classics, with their round, timeless shape that suits virtually any interior. The combination of 3-inch-thick stone and the direct conduction of the smoke to the stone means this stove has excellent heat storage properties. One load of wood alone gives 10 hours of pleasant heat. Due to its large heat storage, the stove can be fired continuously, giving a high output over many hours.

The coziness of the flames and the radiating heat from a genuine soapstone stove create a sense of koselig.