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Nothing warms a room like a fireplace. Well, at least in theory. Although the sheer beauty of the flames is seductive, most conventional fireplaces are ineffective when it comes to heating. In fact, some fireplaces draw heat out of a room. So how can your love of a good, roaring fire peacefully coexist with the need to keep your house warm?

One word: TULIKIVI. (That's TWO-lee-KEE-vee.) In Finnish, it literally means "fire stone." In English, it translates into one of the world's most beautiful and efficient ways to heat your house. The concept is simple. Made of elegant, sensuous soapstone, the environmentally responsible wood-burning Tulikivi takes advantage of a thermal-mass principle used for centuries in Scandinavian fireplaces. Unlike a conventional fireplace, which sends warm air up your chimney, the Tulikivi soaks up the fire's heat and stores it. Then it slowly and gently releases the warmth. And, because the stone generates a natural, evenly circulated radiant heat (like the warmth of the sun), the air in your house is never too hot or dry.

Thus, a Tulikivi fireplace allows you to experience the best of both worlds. You can enjoy the romance of a crackling fire. And at the same time, you can heat your house efficiently and cleanly.

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